Dr Leila Masson Clinic Consultation Fees
First appointment (45-60 minutes) $480
Medicare rebate for children with at least 2 problems (including physical health, development, behaviour):
$227.70 (referral from GP required)
Follow up appointment (20-30 minutes) $240
Medicare rebate for children as above for the first 2 follow-up appointments: $114
From the third follow up appointment the rebate is $65.20
Brief appointments (up to 15 minutes) $120
Medicare rebate $65.20
Scripts, referrals, short letters without an appointment $30 (no rebate)
Phone and skype appointments are billed at the same rates as above.
If you live in a remote area you will receive an additional rebate from Medicare for telehealth/skype
consults. If you do not live in a telehealth eligible area Medicare will not pay any rebate.
You need to live in a Modified Monash Model area 4-7 to be eligible for a Medicare rebate for skype
consults. You can enter your address in this map and go to Department of Health custom remoteness
classification and tick “Modified Monash Model (2015)” to see if you are eligible:
Once you have met the extended Medicare safety net (EMSN) threshold the rebate is 80% of the fee. The
threshold is reset on January 1
of every year. The current threshold is (please check with Medicare for
- $668.10 for Commonwealth concession cardholders, including those with a Health Care Card and
people who receive Family Tax Benefit
- $2,093.30 for all other singles and families. (as of 10/1/2019, may be subject to change check
with Medicare)
Cancellation Policy
If you cannot attend your appointment please cancel at least 24 hours prior so we can offer it to patients on
the waiting list, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% will apply.
Opening hours: by appointment only. Please book on line or call.