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Paediatrician and Lactation Consultant

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The biomedical approach aims to treat any potential gastro-intestinal, metabolic, immunologic, or other problems that may impact the child’s physical and mental health. By resolving the physical symptoms (for example painful constipation) the child’s behaviour and social interaction may benefit. The goal is the child's optimal health and development.


I look for and correct potential nutritional deficiencies that may affect children’s focus, attention and learning and help the family implement a diet free of additives, which may reduce hyperactivity. I will discuss the importance of proven lifestyle factors such as plenty of sleep and active play in green outdoor spaces to ensure optimal focus and attention.

Behaviour Problems

A wholistic approach to anxiety, oppositional, angry, or OCD behaviour seeks to find treatable physical problems, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle and stress factors, that may contribute to the child’s behaviour problems and work towards improving the health and wellbeing of the child and his or her family.

Recurrent infections

Common nutritional deficiencies can undermine the immune system. When a child gets the right amounts of needed nutrients (based on testing) and eats a varied, nutrient-rich diet their immune system often improves and the child’s cycle of recurrent infections and frequent antibiotic use can be stopped.


I support mothers and babies on their breastfeeding journey by helping to overcome common obstacles, such as a painful latch, mastitis, or insufficient milk supply. As mammals we are evolved to breastfeed and 95% of mothers and babies should - with the right support - be able to breastfeed successfully.


Assessment and treatment of allergies consists of finding out what exactly your child is reacting to, supporting the immune system through a nutrient-rich diet and a non-toxic lifestyle, which may include gentle skin treatment options for eczema, breathing training for asthma and improving the gut flora.

Dr Leila Masson speaks English, German, French, and Spanish

Interactive Timeline

  • Studies and Degrees



    Medical Doctorate from the Freie Universität Berlin


    American Boards of Pediatrics


    Master in Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health


    Diploma in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


    Board Certified as Lactation Consultant


    Fellow of the Australasian College of Physicans


    Fellow of the Australasian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine

  • Work Experience

    Germany, USA, Australia, New zealand, Pakistan


    Research Fellow UCSF: Immunology, Pediatric HIV


    General practice in integrative medicine Berlin

    1992 - 1994

    Set up and managed a health clinic in a remote village in Pakistan


    Paediatric residency at UCSF


    Paediatric private practice San Francisco


    Paediatric outpatient clinic WestKids, Auckland, New Zealand


    Clinical centre for physical and sexual abuse at Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand


    Concussion clinic, Auckland, New Zealand


    Integrative Paediatric Practice, Auckland, New Zealand


    Integrative Paediatric Practice, Sydney, Australia

Leila's book on children's health

The essential guide to a healthy child

Children’s Health A-Z is a compilation of the advice Dr Masson has given to her patients over many years. Her approach to always look for the underlying cause of any problem and then address the cause in the most effective yet gentle and non-toxic way has helped thousands of children around the world to become healthier and happier.

The book describes a natural approach to supporting your child through the coughs and colds, ear aches, tummy upsets and mild infections that are part of growing up. Paediatrician and mother of two Dr Leila Masson shares a treasure trove of essential advice, part old- fashioned common sense and part cutting-edge research on nutrition, supplements and health. Her aim is to provide you with the tools to confidently support your child through many common illnesses at home, but at the same time equip you with the knowledge of when to seek medical advice.

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